Our Services

We endevour to offer you tailor-made professional services.

Our services are as described below:

Production of documentaries

Inflex Africa Films Ltd core business is the production of superior quality digital broadcast documentaries at very competitive current market rates; we do operate in Kenya and in the regional market. We do ensure that our client’s main objective for the production is achieved. Some of Our clients include. UNDP, EU, Shell etc. We also have a wide range of stock footage for sale at reasonable rates.

Expert Filming

Our Team of professional cameramen are up-to-date with current technology in the digital broadcast industry. We have a broad array of the latest Equipments, which assures us of cutting edge productions. Our team comprises of World award wining professionals. We also do professional digital photography; satisfied customers include:- Telkom Kenya-Orange, Alvaro, Samsung Electronics, East Africa Breweries, Action!Aid- UK, Devex, Africa Development Bank, E.U, Aljazeera, BBC e.t.c.

Video Production

Our many years experience has made us to encounter both logistically and Financially challenging projects and thus we are recognized as the leading Local and regional film and video producers and production services company of choice. Our world class production value allows production of International feature films that could not be made with the same budget constrain at home. Our expert crew do understand how to approach different productions both from local and from global companies. We have worked throughout East and Central Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Rwanda,) and have established strong contact bases in these countries. We offer invaluable support for the producer with our in-depth knowledge and expertise in Kenyan tax and general law, and expert accounting advice.

Equipments Hire

We do own a wide variety of modern camera, light and sound equipments. We do have several categories rates for packages of projects of any scale. Specialized equipment can be imported into the country on a temporary import permit. Inflex Africa Films Ltd has carved a niche for itself as the most esteemed Production Equipment Supplier Company in Kenya.


Apart from in house employees the company uses the services of freelancer Producers, Script writers and Production Managers about 15 in number, with varying levels of experience and have been involved in making local and international feature films, commercials, documentaries and many other projects in and outside the country.